Our Amazing Singing Oysters…

Dr. Adrian Harrison's recording of oysters croaking

Click on the image (or click here) above to listen to a ground-breaking recording of our oysters croaking.

These recordings were made within the context of a scientific study by Dr. A.P. Harrison (DPhil cantab) of IKVH, SUND, Copenhagen University, Denmark, who has been using proprietary, highly-specialized microphones on our singing oysters for the past years. 

Here’s what Dr. Harrison says about Moinho dos Ilhéus oysters:

Moinho dos Ilhéus is not only an amazing place to visit, it produces without any doubt the happiest and healthiest oysters in the World. The attention to detail and the concern for the product is evident on the faces of everyone at Moinho dos Ilhéus and this is reflected in the size, quality and taste of the oysters produced here.